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Sail City a beautiful gift to the people of Ranchi, a metaphor of modernity and organized living. The burgeoning demand for lavish designer apartment in the state capital led Kashish to introduce the idea of a complete Group Housing replete with all the premium amenities.Never before has the affluence of modern living with classic interiors and architectural splendor come together in such a package.

Rendezvous with Ranchi

India has been witnessing a rapid cum consistent economic growth for the past few years. The recent infrastructure boom across the nation is a visible proof. This development is not restricted to only the metros but is also taking place in Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities, Ranchi being no exception.

Ranchi, The capital of Jharkhand is also known as the city of lakes and water falls. Once the summer capital of Bihar, it is picturesquely situated in the valley of Chotanagpur, well known for its scenic attraction, Waterfalls, Salubrious climate, glades, rocks and verdant hillocks. It is also the epicentre of mineral wealth and an industrial hub of the country. Steel authority of India (SAIL) and MECON are some glorious names functioning here. Ranchi will soon transform into a metropolitan city with the scale of infrastructure being developed.

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